Vintage Inspired French Totes

IMG_3647I just got in these amazing bags.  They are vintage, french inspired totes, made from reclaimed materials.  I just love the look and feel of them.


Chicken Coop Sign

I just had to share this adorable sign I made for a client.  She calls her chicken coop “Taj Ma Cluck”.  How cute is that?  I was in such a hurry I didn’t take pictures of the process, so I will make another sign with step by step instructions.  It was so easy and only took me about 45 mins from start to finish.


I can just imagine all the possiblities of fun signs to make.   Enjoy the rest of your Sunday



Apron Love

A couple of months ago I went to an amazing fair called Soul Food Farm and Vintage Market, in Vacaville, CA.  They had a lot of amazing vendors, one in which was selling these beautiful aprons.  I couldn’t wait to get them for the store.


I got the dress form from Remnants of the Past Show in San Jose.  I knew I wanted something cute to display the aprons.


They are stunning.  Made by a company called Ice Milk Aprons.


The packaging is what makes it so fun.


Cowboy Caviar

It’s Summer and so many veggies are in season.  One of my favorite appetizers to make year round, but especially now,  is Cowboy Caviar.  This is a crowd pleaser.  When I ask a hostess, “what can I bring?”, this is it.  I have even won a contest with this recipe.  So without further ado, let’s get to choppin.

You are gonna love this:



You will need:

3 ripe avacados

2  large ripe tomatoes

1 bunch cilantro

1 bunch green onion

1 can corn

1 can black eyed peas

1 pkg.Good Seasons Italian Dressing, made according to directions

Mix all together and serve with tortilla chips.  Amazing, I promise.


New Beginings

For those of you visiting my blog for the first time, Welcome.  For those of you that have followed me from my last website to this one, thank you for your support. I have not been posting on a regular basis because I knew I was gonna make a website change and I would loose most of my posts.  Now that I am getting settled I hope to provide you with valuable content at least once a week.

Some of you may already be aware that I have opened my own store, The White Barn.  Oh my, what a ride.  I have dreamt of it for years and can’t believe it is finally a reality.  I am blessed.  Friends and family and even people I don’t really know have been so supportive.  I look so forward to the wonderful things to come.  So much to look forward to.

New Beginnings!

New Beginnings!

So join me, and my family on this crazy ride I call my life.  I promise it won’t be boring.